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  • EOGAME is back

    joancefet - - English Boards


    Quote from Qwata: “Another copy-cat game this is like one of 50 same games running. Sad how nowadays nobody can create a real unique and good game, everyone just takes Jeremies game and tells that it's their. ” Man, você vai postar isso em todas as divulgações dos colegas do grupo? Quote from Thranduil: “We are opened for playing and development. If everybody are interested you can check us out here. ” Good Luck!

  • 2moons 2.0 Dev

    joancefet - - Show Room


    Nice work man!!!

  • [MOD/SKIN]mobil and desktop 1.8

    joancefet - - Mod Database


    Nice work man! I can use this in my release?

  • ship mod

    joancefet - - Mod Support


    Hi, what's your question? I stopped the development, but, if I can help ... This module works separately from the 2moons combat engine. It needs to implement a navigation system for the sectors and the fighting would be between the ships of the players (one ship for each).