War of Alliance: The Game

    • War of Alliance: The Game

      War of Alliance is a new designed game (remake) where players have to fight against each other to become the top emperor of the universe. You have new modules like contracts, new type of ships & defense, the research code has been completely reviewed. You need to produce research points to upgrade your technologies. We also use a new method of page loading into frames instead of a basic call to the page. With this coding, refreshing the page is impossible as you will be always redirected to the home page. (for those that doesn't know, refreshing a page allow players to do fastly some actions in game.)

      This game will be in beta phase on 02/10/2017 for a period of 3 weeks for testing purpose and the official start will be begin november 2017. This new game come out since we are seeing more and more Xterium games owned by unskilled owners, from wich players come to complaint on our website thinking we are admins of it to.

      The links to the official facebook page and website will be posted on 01/10/2017. This game is 100% available in 10 different languages

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    • Here is a screen of my new administration panel. We all know default admin panel is not very usefull other then seeing who is online or answering tickets. My translate module and my tracking modules are directly implanted in the admin power views for quick approval and can now be used by different players at the same time.
      The trackin module is my special module that keep a track of everything a single player does ingame since the moment he register till the moment he delete his account. That data is saved for 1 week and as latest posibility, we can also record the ingame screen from the game to see what a player is doing live whenever we want. (only working on our ingame website) to avoid cheating or to check real suspicious players
      The module script has been completly reviewed, you can now remove, install, activate and deactivate modules from the game. (The name of the modules and the weburl to the page of the modules are volontary hidden to not display the game link and our new modules.) The install of new modules are directly taken from an external website i own via API connexions.

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