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    • problem ships

      my database
      base 1
      base 3base4

      my problem

      Source Code

      1. USER ERROR
      2. Message: SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1264 Out of range value for column 'fleet_count' at row 1
      3. File: /includes/classes/Database.class.php
      4. Line: 259
      5. URL:
      6. PHP-Version: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1
      7. PHP-API: fpm-fcgi
      8. 2Moons Version: 1.9.git
      9. Debug Backtrace:
      10. #0 /includes/classes/Database.class.php(259): PDO->query('INSERT INTO un...')
      11. #1 /includes/classes/class.statbuilder.php(158): Database->nativeQuery('INSERT INTO %%...')
      12. #2 /includes/classes/class.statbuilder.php(410): statbuilder->SaveDataIntoDB('TRUNCATE TABLE ...')
      13. #3 /includes/pages/adm/ShowStatUpdatePage.php(24): statbuilder->MakeStats()
      14. #4 /admin.php(143): ShowStatUpdatePage()
      15. #5 {main}
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      please help
    • Hello to start this nothing to have with the planets table but with your table statpoints.

      You will find your column in this table
      2moons 2.0 OPEN Demo
      Thank you to send by ticket or message or via the forum in the part made for this purpose for all problems.

      Download version 2.0 here
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      My personal game
      OUnivers - Open
      Xterium - Comming Soon - No code is taken from available versions
    • hint for the future:
      Display Spoiler
      AND TABLE_SCHEMA=xxx';
      xxx is the name of your 2moonsdb
      y is the colum you search
      send this as mysql order. result will be the tables you find the colums in.

      ps:alternativliy you can search the sql file from the install folder of 2moons
      after found scoll a bit up, and you will see the tablename.

      levelcolums are in uni1_planets and uni1_users
      (officers and researches in users
      buildings are on planets)

      the names of the filds are the names you find in uni1_vars
      filds with this names in uni1_planets and uni1_users have the value of its level