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    • mimikri wrote:

      other point of view, he did a lot of work and wants to have some little money. thats seems ok to me. (but a build in backdoor is really not cool)
      Если выгодней продавать эту сборку, чем использовать ее, то сборка так себе, имею такое мнение))
      читаем отзыв обо мне тут, вдохновляемся, а после этого не верим в то что я выкладываю)))) предупреждаю сразу, после моих модов слетает БД, портится карма и вообще все плохо становится)))) ставим на свой страх и риск :D
    • As i do not have any interest in 2moons i am planing to sell everything what i have collected from all this years in 2moons. Will sold out every DataBase , mails etc , mods etc.

      @Thisishowwedoit i have a personal thing for you because as i sad you cheap hacked everyone else. Also i can mention that you at least have some knowledge and patience to build up a good game, what i cant say about some fucked up dude named @Darkside .

      @mimikri yes you are right, i think everyone would sell there hard work for some money not give it free. As with my script you can get big success you also need a will to work on your game , not cry like @Darkside who thinks that he buy the game what is made like his imagination and will get life support from me. And as for backdoor thing, i didnt make backdoor but i know the weak spots the script have, as every code is some weak spots. This is like a safety action for me, if i did not get money or buyer give out my script to others. I have no intention to harm others , as i never harm @Darkside .
    • Thranduil wrote:

      @Thisishowwedoit i have a personal thing for you because as i sad you cheap hacked everyone else. Also i can mention that you at least have some knowledge and patience to build up a good game, what i cant say about some fucked up dude named @Darkside .

      The only reason i will come to someone else games making trouble is because you would first come on mine. Otherwise i have no time to check all online games. Most games doesnt have any problem with me
      And if my memories are good, you started to spam all games, included mine, and i did already warned you to not spam on mine game your game, and i was not the only one complaining.
      Since the moment u stopped, i didnt came back anymore, and you self knows that or would i need to display FB chats ?
    • mimikri wrote:

      does it use pdo? wich version of php is possible?
      wait, i will check .......

      what I can say is that this script use the same sql like other xterium

      PHP Source Code

      1. if ($PLANET['id_luna'] != 0)
      2. $Moon = $GLOBALS['DATABASE']->uniquequery("SELECT id, name FROM ".PLANETS." WHERE id = '".$PLANET['id_luna']."';");
      3. if ($PLANET['b_building'] - TIMESTAMP > 0) {
      4. $Queue = unserialize($PLANET['b_building_id']);
      5. $Build = $LNG['tech'][$Queue[0][0]].' ('.$Queue[0][1].')';
      6. }
      7. if ($USER['b_tech'] - TIMESTAMP > 0) {
      8. $Queuetech = unserialize($USER['b_tech_queue']);
      9. $tech = $LNG['tech'][$Queuetech[0][0]].' ('.$Queuetech[0][1].')';
      10. }
      11. if ($PLANET['b_hangar_id'] != '') {
      12. $ElementQueue = unserialize($PLANET['b_hangar_id']);
      13. $hangar = $LNG['tech'][$ElementQueue[0][0]].' ('.$ElementQueue[0][1].')';
      14. }
      15. $OnlineAdmins = $GLOBALS['DATABASE']->query("SELECT id,username FROM ".USERS." WHERE universe = ".$UNI." AND onlinetime >= ".(TIMESTAMP-10*60)." AND authlevel > '".AUTH_USR."';");
      16. while ($AdminRow = $GLOBALS['DATABASE']->fetch_array($OnlineAdmins)) {
      17. $AdminsOnline[$AdminRow['id']] = $AdminRow['username'];
      18. }
      19. $GLOBALS['DATABASE']->free_result($OnlineAdmins);
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      this is from class.ShowOverviewPage.php and looks not that PDO will be used

      Source Code

      1. Message: Declaration of Database::query($resource) should be compatible with mysqli::query($query, $resultmode = NULL)
      2. File: /includes/classes/class.Database.php
      3. Line: 283
      4. URL: http://localhost/eogame/
      5. PHP-Version: 7.1.9
      6. PHP-API: apache2handler
      7. MySQL-Cleint-Version: mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: b396954eeb2d1d9ed7902b8bae237b287f21ad9e $
      8. 2Moons Version: UNKNOWN
      9. Debug Backtrace:
      10. #0 /includes/common.php(46): errorHandler(2, 'Declaration of ...', 'C://wamp64//www//e...', 283, Array)
      11. #1 /includes/common.php(46): require()
      12. #2 /index.php(9): require('C://wamp64//www//e...')
      13. #3 {main}
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      does not run on PHP 7.1.9 but works on 7.0.23

      sorry..... works only on PHP 5.6 .... only the start page works on PHP 7.0.23

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    • here are some error messages when i am on ACP

      Brainfuck Source Code

      1. <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
      2. -[USER ERROR]-[2017.11.14 в (23:54:16)]{}
      3. Message: SQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-game' at line 1<br><br>Query Code: SHOW TABLE STATUS from 2worlds-game;
      4. File: C:\wamp64\www\eogame\game\includes\classes\class.Database.php
      5. Line: 54
      6. URL: http://localhost/eogame/game/cronjobs.php?cron=daily
      7. Debug Backtrace:
      8. #0 C:\wamp64\www\eogame\game\cronjobs.php(51): Database->query('SHOW TABLE STAT...')<br>
      9. #1 {main}
      10. <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
      11. -[USER ERROR]-[2017.11.14 в (23:56:32)]{1}
      12. Message: SQL Error: Unknown column 'game_disable' in 'field list'<br><br>Query Code: SELECT uni, users_amount, game_disable, halt_speed, resource_multiplier, fleet_speed, game_speed, uni_name, COUNT( as inactive, COUNT( as planet
      13. FROM uni1_config conf
      14. LEFT JOIN uni1_users as inac ON uni = inac.universe AND inac.onlinetime < 1510095392
      15. LEFT JOIN uni1_planets as planet ON uni = planet.universe
      16. GROUP BY conf.uni, inac.universe, planet.universe
      17. ORDER BY uni ASC;
      18. File: C:\wamp64\www\eogame\game\includes\classes\class.Database.php
      19. Line: 54
      20. URL: http://localhost/eogame/game/admin.php?page=universe&sid=uqmohootj4ttom4op4ro70k1j1
      21. Debug Backtrace:
      22. #0 C:\wamp64\www\eogame\game\includes\pages\adm\ShowUniversePage.php(143): Database->query('SELECT uni, use...')<br>
      23. #1 C:\wamp64\www\eogame\game\admin.php(177): ShowUniversePage()<br>
      24. #2 {main}
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      this is from the script what he send to me without any changes
    • Hello. I do not think that the Combat System is really working "with all the Features". If so, please show me some Code of the Academy in opbe, so i can be sure it's really working with ALL Features.

      But please show one like: Chain Reaction or the recovery of defense per round.