Game optimization!

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    • Game optimization!

      Hello, how much of you are besides of making a playable game, try to optimize it too ? Any thoughts about it ? Am am in process to fix minor bugs on my scripts and working on optimizations, because that is one of big problems 2moons have.
    • started coding a json client with js templates(did one page of the game as test(techtree) from 5.95kb to 2.09 kb gzipped) so it does not give so much less traffic as i thought but it is very tweaking, to don't load all the js and css again.
    • It depends of what you want

      There is 2 options: less traffic or increase processing speed

      You can choose by running less resources (run in angular) in case of traffic issues (saves resource) either you can choose faster processing, less loadtime on heavy-coded functions by rework 2moons into php7 (and composer if somehow you need some addons).

      I'm not experient in angularjs and I do not know how it works, never had interest of searching, but from php7 in generation of Mothership (for my project), the php file went from 673 ms on php5.6 to 427 ms on php7 (this includes on), full page loaded in 2.87 secs (includes css js resources from external cdn)

      The difference isn't somehow big, you notice differences depending of how heavy is what you're doing, but it makes miracles. Either way you'll have to learn and free your time