galaxy 2d-3d

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    • sorry, the mod is ok, but you have obviously little experience with 2moons :D
      This mod is for 2moons version 1.4, it would have to be adapted for 2moons 1. 7 strongly.

      Maybe you should do a few things by yourself :rolleyes: | zeig dass DU es drauf hast, wir warten auf DICH ...
    • hey so i redid the galaxy page, and got the idea from from galaxy 2d thanks to mimirk for the idea of using the current version and adapting all planets...moons....colonizing planets and debre ships are all hovering and or spinning
      • map.png

        966.02 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 88 times
    • well... why don't you make a global css for galaxy with relative position and img tag as absolute?

      Will work with almost any browser (except mobiles, you had to split cases like hidden-xs hidden-sm)
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