[MOD] Lottery mod v 1.7.3

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    • [MOD] Lottery mod v 1.7.3

      My english is no good.

      I found the lottery mod for v1.7.3 on my pc.
      Other versions can be modified.
      • lotterie.png

        183.91 kB, 350×350, viewed 55 times
      My version is 2moons 1.3v . :D But all fixed bug and more then mod added.
      Test universe: 1
      ID:2moons pw:1234
    • Hello all the mods on the forum can be adapted
      2moons 2.0 OPEN Demo
      Thank you to send by ticket or message or via the forum in the part made for this purpose for all problems.

      Download version 2.0 here
      Shop Mods and Games HERE

      My personal game
      OUnivers - Open
      Xterium - Comming Soon - No code is taken from available versions