2Moons 2.1 for Mobile

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    • 2Moons 2.1 for Mobile

      Hi all,

      I've mixed 2moons 1.8 from github.com/mimikri/2Moons-1.8-mods (nice skin for mobile)
      with 2moons 2.0 from github.com/HikeGame/2moons-2.0 (PHP 7.2 compatible and High Speed compatible)

      And called it 2moons 2.1 (It's compatible with PHP 7+ and is also desktop/mobile friendly)

      You can download the source from: github.com/Bast75/2moons-2.1

      Please come and play. hulstgames.nl/2moons

      Universe Settings:
      Game Speed: 2
      Fleet Speed: 2
      Speed of production of resources: 4

      Resource storage multiplicator: 2

      Expedition speed: 2
      Energy Factor: 1

      Start - Metal: 50.000

      Start - Crystal: 50.000

      Start - Deuterium: 10.000

      Production of Metal Basic: 20

      Production of Crystal Basic: 10

      Production of Deuterium Basic: 1

      Size of the planet: 1.5
      Protection of newbies: Enabled

      Protection n. points: 200.000

      Newbie Point Multiply: 5

      Please report bugs, issues and possible idea's and/or improvements also.
      Come and play 2moons 2.1 (PHP 7.2 compatible & Mobile friendly)
      at: hulstgames.nl/2moons

      Or download 2moons 2.1 from: github.com/Bast75/2moons-2.1
    • Hello first impression it is not made for mobile
      continue the adaptation of the design
      2moons 2.0 OPEN Demo
      Thank you to send by ticket or message or via the forum in the part made for this purpose for all problems.

      Download version 2.0 here
      Shop Mods and Games HERE

      My personal game
      OUnivers - Open
      Xterium - Comming Soon - No code is taken from available versions