Help php7 installation error.

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    • Help php7 installation error.

      2moons is older version 1.3.

      I installed it on php7 server and I get the following error.

      help me.

      Warning: Declaration of DB_mysqli::query($resource) should be compatible with mysqli::query($query, $resultmode = NULL) in /home/diyworld/htdocs/includes/classes/class.MySQLi.php on line 296
      Message: Connection to database failed: Permission denied
      File: /home/diyworld/htdocs/includes/classes/class.MySQLi.php
      Line: 63
      PHP-Version: 7.2.9
      PHP-API: apache2handler
      2Moons Version:
      Debug Backtrace:
      #0 .common.php(83): DB_mysqli->__construct()
      #1 .index.php(41): include_once('/home/diyworld/...')
      #2 {main}
      My version is 2moons 1.3v . :D But all fixed bug and more then mod added.
      Test universe: 1
      ID:2moons pw:1234
    • it is not compatible with php7 version
      I remain at your disposal on the forum for any questions or help.

      A help is of course not a creation of a mod

      My personal game
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