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  • sromantr -

    how much


  • yamilrh -

    hello there is some way to remove so that different accounts can not transport resources

  • Russoll -

    i have taken elements of the version i use ans i am slowly implementing it to 1.9 i.e the top menu and some other far so good

  • Russoll -

    i agree but it gives me the time to locate and try to fix

  • Russoll -

    its ok it was on debug mode..but thanks..its good now

  • Russoll -

    hey would you please help with this problem....i keep getting this error when i click on fleet- continue (fleetable), without choosing any ships

    ./includes/pages/game/class.ShowFleetStep1Page.php on 78 | Code: 0 | Error: f

    any help is appropriated.....thank you

  • aurum79 -

    Дайте возможность модерировать русскую ветку комьюнити пожалуйста

  • aurum79 -

    Привет, на почту мне писал, я ответил, что то хотели?

  • alindom -

    please delete my user from this forum, thanks

  • Russoll -

    Do u know how to restart the tutorial that is at the start if you abandoned it in the beginning

  • Russoll -

    hey quick question.... i have members that have a hack of some kind i.e.....1.5 million ships, is their away to edit the accounts i can edit the ships, and in the mysql user ships are not their their...anyhelp in appreciated.......thanks