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  •…5dcd243d24c6939500f6c4d06 A new template has joined the family of the deployment module. You can from now one deploy as well Steemnova's games. (Not sure how it works and what has been changed other then the design compared to 2moons default from jkroepke) but hence, its supported from now on. No update required, it will automatically appaer soon or later in your available deployment list

  • Hello Yes, you can edit game files however it fits you (they are not encrypted). Just take in count that for the moment, if you do a change and i process with an update (on a file you have changed) that it will erase it. To avoid that annoying part and to offer a solution to the users of the tool We are integrating in the next release an function where you can take any of the available templates as default source code to start, load it on a git-hub or any link where the content is downloadable a…

  • Ich würde vorschlagen, mit PHP 7.4 zu beginnen und langsam auf PHP 8 zu erhöhen, während Bugfixes angewendet werden

  • Dear, New functions are arriving for version 1.1.6 that will be released on the 19/09. I can already announce the well known "Reset Game" and "Giveaways" menu will be part of the update. More info coming soon. Do not forget to join us on our discord to stay up to date or if you have any question/concern:……5dcd243d24c6939500f6c4d06

  • Sie verwenden eine PHP-Version, die von 2moons nicht unterstützt wird. Wenn Sie diese Version behalten möchten, müssen Sie einige Teile des Hauptcodes ändern/korrigieren

  • Dear, On the 12/09. v1.1.5 will be officially released. [New] Implement admin function to manage deployed games planets [New] Implement internal dictionary to use in the advanced anti-spam system [New] Implement admin function to easily add your own created promoting links (gametoor ...) [OGameX] Has received a few bug-fix/features development which make it looks more and more as a working game [GamerPath] Have the possibility to re-issue your license code after consuming it. [TBA] TBA Be sure t…

  • Hello Cronos, Thanks for the kind work, we hope you will enjoy the continuous development of the tool and its feature; For everyone, here are some extra features which will soon be released 1. Be able to manage deployed games planets 2. Be able to manage deployed games anti-spam system 3. Different games have had some features bugfixed……5dcd243d24c6939500f6c4d06

  • Dear Due to unwanted circumstance, we have been forced to update the deployment tool to v1.1.4 ## [v1.1.4] - 2021-09-08 [New] Implement a quick function to push your license key to the game instead of hard-coding it in a file during its deployment [New] Automatic sql migrations when doing games updates and if there are sql queries [Bugfixes] Implement different bug-fix and optimize the way of loading available games. New games can only be deployed starting from v1.1.4. (they have nothing more to…

  • v.1.1.3 has been released today of the deployment module ## [v1.1.3] - 2021-09-07 [New] Be able to manage deployed game support tickets. [New] Be able to manage deployed game players (basic features - to be updated). [Bugfixes] Fix minor issues related to L18N As usually, v1.1.3 is available as direct download on your gamerpath account. If you have any version below v1.1.3 installed and running, you will have an automatic update notification soon or later. CAUTION: We have also brought an update…

  • Great news is showing up. 1. After a lot of rework, the Xterium template is almost 100% compatible with the deployment module and will be released later in the day. (Nothing to do on your side, it will appear automatically in the possible game list) 2. New admin API endpoints have been created to be able to manage your deployed game support tickets and players (We will keep you updated when its officially released and update-able with the automatic game updater) Coming soon 1. New admin API endp…

  • v.1.1.2 has been released today of the deployment module ## [v1.1.2] - 2021-09-05 [New] Be able to manage deployed game cronjobs. [Added] Implement safe way to delete a deployment for Plesk, cPanel and VestaCP. (Unsupported for manual deploys as no API to interact with) [Added] New WHM API KEY configuration field for cPanel users (required to be able to delete safely a deployment). [Updated] Plesk deployment will now save the created database_id in the database to use for the deletion feature [U…

  • Dear, We have released v1.1.1 of the deployment tool. Those that doesn't have the tool installed can download directly v1.1.1 on your GamerPath account. For the members that have already version 1.1.0 of the tool installed. A notification will appear soon or later to use the auto-updater feature. This will bring you to the following page where you can update your version to the latest stable one with a simple click on a button. PS: For some people the updater may fail saying an error about "ob_e…

  • When doing a deployment of a game, it seems for the moment that you are required to set an opening date, or an error will occur when saving the deployment in your database This field will be fixed and set as optional in v1.1.1

  • Dear, Our development roadmap has been updated and released publicly, You can now from your gamerpath account view on what we are currently working. Project owner: Is a person that is running the deployment module Maintainer: Is a person who is maintaining the service alive, (usualy me or my friend) Player: Is a person who is playing on one of your deployed games Do you have an issue with one of the available templates, do not hesitate to open a ticket and we will include it in one of our roadma…

  • Tienes que ir a y crear una cuenta con tu nombre de dominio. PS: A user noticed me that the downloadable files from the store are locked as demo. Please delete the .demo file from the downloadable files and the tool will work correctly. (The package itself has been fixed and the file is removed)

  • Let's discuss the future of 2moons

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    The reason why Smarty has been used is probably because it is very easy to use and to understand. 90% of people on this forum have no idee how to write a hello world application, so providing templates tools harder then Smarty make no sense at all ....

  • This topic is subject to change Tool Deployment Module v1.1.5…5dcd243d24c6939500f6c4d06 Background Even if this forum became very quiet, i'am back to present you the future of the deployment module. I must say i was quit demotivated after the fire that took place at the OVH data-center building which caused the loss of a lot of important data, and to start some big parts over again from scratch... However, with the time and the help of a good friend, we have slowly…

  • Problème

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    From which site ? This one in the links above ? This script is like 10 years old and archived, not updated anymore. So indeed, if you downloaded the file 10 years ago, you wouldnt have any problem; ,now you need a minimum of php/sql/hmml knowdlegdle to make it work But since its not normal, move on and make your own cms for everyone

  • Problème

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    system is a general keyword and cannot be used anymore without the sql quotes. Please encode it with the usual sql characters and the problem will be fixed Source Code (1 line)

  • Unknown bug found

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    well i dont really use the basic code of 2moons anymore and even less steemnova so i cant respond to you on that if you have sql issues in your games Looking your logs ... you can find more information about whats happening. You should have the date to check in your logs with the registration date in the user table