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  • [FAQ] How do I install the server?

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    ¿Por qué estás usando filezilla?Además, si su filezilla no funciona, asegúrese de que su servidor no esté usando el mismo puerto que su filezilla. why are you using filezilla? Also, if your filezilla is not working make sure your server is not using the same port as your filezilla. o

  • remove that code - it is depreciated: original PHP Source Code (1 line) to this: Source Code (1 line)

  • The only way I "fixed" this (and it is a hack) was to add a line in PHP Source Code (1 line) I could not find where that error is coming from Hope that helps temporarily. I know the game has dwindled in popularity, but I like it, hopefully the dev is still around to tinker with it.