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  • great work development

    Diessel - - Administration and usage


    Hello, As far as i can see from last image you uploaded you are using images from game Imperion This game was shutdown around 2012 i think. Anyway the game was made by Travian games and they are not allowing use any content from their games (code, visual, text etc.) even if you claim that you will not gain any revenue. You can download thoose images on wikis like in example. Or you can search on google with "imperion"…

  • I have done manual install for portal and for game cuz when i go with installator i got on step1 following error: "Warning: include(../version.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in //virtual/www/install/step01.php on line 28" the file is missing i know that, but i cannot find it on github and i dont know where to look for it. Anyway i ignore this error and continue On step2 i enter adress. In my case its Step3 i got writable files(in green) continue until step5 wh…

  • Hello, I managed get things working. Portal is working fine, but when i want to login to game (hit play button). I got redirect to index.php?code=6 with message game is closed. In Portal db i have game_disable = 1 In game DB i have game_disable = 1 Even if i tried combination of enable and disable still not working. As far as i can see the problem is that the file check.php is not getting information to create user for game. So far i edit ShowIngamepage to PHP Source Code 1. PHP Source Code (6 l…

  • New Version 2moons 1.9

    Diessel - - Mods in development


    Hello everyone, its good to see that development of 2moons continue. I am really happy for that. Well i have some ideas how to make 2moons engine/framework/game better and bring browser game to be more atractive. First of all i am not good at codeing in php, i code by try and errors. But i can redesing using html, css and jquery for animations. So the ideas. 1) I think that would be nice to create a market place where player can exchange resources. Example: I have 20K of metal and i need deuteri…

  • Fleet blocked

    Diessel - - English Boards


    Hello, After month of playing 2moons i am getting error while sending colonisation. Requirements for colonisation are ok. I have enough slots for new planet. When fleets arrive i get error in log and fleet is bloked. Error: Source Code (11 lines) CreateOnePlanetRecord.php code: PHP Source Code (75 lines)PlanetDataBis file: PHP Source Code (22 lines) What is strage is that when i unblock fleet sometimes colonisation is successful and sometimes not. I am using webhosting for game not VPS. Hosting …