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  • 2moons 1.9 + MODs

    MajorPotato - - Mod Support


    Hi! I installed the 2moons 1.9 + Mods from, and I noticed something it's not working as intended. - The moon mod redirects to a "This site was not found", so it's not possible to use it. - "Lucky 7 Days Package" shows resources at 0, so even buying something, you obtain 0. - In the "Resources bonus" mod ocurrs the same at the "Lucky 7 Days Package" mod. - "Jackpot" doesn't log the people who tried to crack the code. I don't know what's the problem. It's a clean ins…

  • Public API

    MajorPotato - - FAQ


    So I can make an Android app, for example... A public API to interact with the game

  • Public API

    MajorPotato - - FAQ


    Hi there. Is there any kind of public API for a 2moons instance?

  • Quote from Danter14: “Hello it is the owner of the game to come see us because we can not know without information my told him to watch the mission carry ” Hi, I'm the owner What kind of information do you need?

  • A friend of mine, while playing the game, experienced this bug: 1. Send resources to a planet. 2. Send more resources to the 7 planets he has. Now, the resources got overwritten. For example, in the planet 3 he has 3M of metal and 1.5M of crystal. He sent 9M of each resource to the planet, and instead of adding, it got overwritten. So he has 9M of metal and 9M of crystal in the planet 3 rather than 12M of metal and 10.5M of crystal. Some planets are in another system and even in the second galax…

  • Welcome to

    MajorPotato - - Show Room


    Holy cow! Are you going to make this available as a mod?

  • Quote from Danter14: “you can with the admin account do all the builds instantly to test the game. however no access to the source code if you do not have access to the server of your friends ” I'm the admin, that's why I'm asking

  • Hi! I run a 2moons 1.8 instance for a few friends and they keep asking me some questions I cannot answer because I cannot try. So, is there any way to create an account, or even using the admin account, to get everything unlocked and so be available to try everything? Thank you

  • [STYLE]researchpage 1.8

    MajorPotato - - Styles database


    Hi! I got this bug too, the message is at the attached image. I tried the fix in the message 15, but it didn't work...

  • Okay, thank you everyone

  • Quote from Danter14: “For the installation you fake MySql ” "fake MySQL"? I don't understand

  • Hi I want to install 2moons in a private server, but I don't find any tutorial in the forum, so assuming I have to have a database, can I use MariaDB or PostgreSQL? Thank you PD.: sorry if it's not the right place, bit I think this is part of a faq