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    • SteemNova / BitNova

      It's quite possible that you're thinking about creating your own game on a 2moons engine. Unfortunately, 2moons is not a developed engine. However, for over two years we have been developing its fork called SteemNova (which will be renamed BitNova in the future).

      SteemNova is obviously a game, but we are developing the engine in the spirit of Open Source (check out Our goal is to become the market leader in open source games and we try to hit the nostalgia of players ;)

      What this engine is characterized by is fixing many bugs and rewriting some important features. Of course, there are probably a lot of bugs left (you can patch on github), but I believe that with time it will get better and better and we will create "one, common, very good engine".

      Main advantages of our version:
      - Stable engine
      - The Battle Engine is a copy of the Ogame (but the Battle Engine of the Ogame is written in C++, which makes it very fast, and ours in PHP and is only suitable for small battles)
      - We are developing (to a small extent) the OPBE engine, in which we have corrected many errors and made our own modifications.
      - I am slowly developing the Bot. It is not a very good Bot, but I think that when developed for free it is very good :D Bot can do it for now:
      * Send the fleet on an expedition
      * Send out the recyclers
      * Buying officers
      * Attack the idlers

      We still miss building buildings (I'm working on it), colonizing planets, gathering the fleet and attacking a random player ;)

      I hope you like the engine, and I hope that you will help us in our development. It would be useful to add support for PHP 7.4, patch up the bugs we don't know about (and you have knowledge), or generally rewrite some of our patches.


      Playable version:


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    • Work...

      What are we doing there? Of course we continue to develop the bot slowly ... probably too slowly :D

      We are testing PHP7.4 on users. Why on the users? For SteemNova (2moons) to work on PHP7.4 you need to make small improvements in many places.

      But I hope that soon the game will run on PHP 7.4 without any problems - maybe as the first engine!