(Plesk/cPane/VestaCP/Manual) 2Moons Deployment Module V1.0.6 is here

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    • (Plesk/cPane/VestaCP/Manual) 2Moons Deployment Module V1.0.6 is here

      Dear owners of games.

      I am willing to wish you first a successful end of year during the known circumstance

      Are you sad of struggling on getting your game templates online and ready to play ? Have you trouble fulfilling all needed information on your server to make a game run smoothly ? Or you are maybe stuck on PHP 5 and would like to switch to PHP 7 or even 8 to keep the code up to date.

      That time has been revolutionized and I am proud to present to you the first automated installer for 2moons working under cPanel/Plesk with a additional support for cloudflare users.

      The module will be released (crypted) once the 5 first games (uncrypted) are correctly working with the the automation.

      Currently included as games:
      • 2Moons default template (Jkroepke source - 100% finished)
      • Xterium template (Jbaukens source - 100% finished)
      • Antaris Legacy (Jbaukens source - 70% finished)
      • War of Alliance (Jbaukens source - 50% finished)
      • OgameX (Jbaukens source - 90% finished, need to rebuild the database due to having lost it)
      • NewStar ( @Yaro2709 source - 100% finished)
      • More games will follow with the time to make it a standard game deployment manager (including non 2moons games)
      Required to make the module work:
      • A VPS or Dedicated server with root access; No shared hosting
      • PHP 7.4
      • Plesk or cPanel as hosting panel
      • Having a minimum knowledge of SSH commands
      What can you already expect from the module:
      • Automatic creation of subdomain, database, database user, https certificate, dns
      • Automatic deployment of the game files to your server
      • Automatic population of the database with the game tables
      • Possibility to Rsync your game with the primary repository to keep your game up to date with a single clic (Recommended if you made no change into the game files)
      • Simple one click login/register form to play any of the deployed games (Email and password required)
      What has still to be included in the module:
      • Currently working during my free time on a single admin panel connected to all deployed games through a simple RestAPI
      Interested in having a demo or willing to get more information ?
      Try the new 2Moons Deployment module: More info
      V1.0.6 is out. Download now !

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      When the system comes out, the integration of the new galaxy system will be done by myself within 1 month. the blank template will be distributed on the system.

      all system you see will be integrated outer space black holes barbarians ruins Vs.

      @Russoll Thankyou For spreading your 3D model
    • Planetary Structure for WOA and Xterium I finished the 360 degree design and I just left the integration ready to use

      I finished the Galaxy Enhanced design for WOA and Xterium and I just got ready to use integration

      I have prepared Desktop application and mobile applications for WOA and Xterium and ready to use Waiting for the output

      Finished the 3D advanced video effects in the Officers area for WOA and Xterium, the integration remained waiting for the release
    • Dear,

      The first part of the project is ready to be released. The first part involve the deployment portal which you can currently use in beta phase.
      The deployment portal allow you currently to install only 2Moons Original and 2Moons NewStar repository. Xterium, Ogamex, Antaris-Legacy and War of Alliance will be added slowly depending on the stability of the beta phase.

      The projects is extended with a 2moons library which for the moment is really empty other then the deployment module. With the time, some outstanding free & premium modules will be added. So dont hesitate to stay tuned to the library.
      The library website itself is in beta mode so dont be surprised if you see some errors popping.

      ATTENTION: The beta module is working for the moment only with Plesk.
      The cPanel and manual installer will be implemented very soon and an updated package will be released.

      No documentation file is provided, you can share your different problems met here and i will create one for the next users.

      Some part of the code is encrypted. There are probably on internet ways to reverse engineer it but be aware doing so will block your domain from the license and no future support will be brought to those doing so. Regular files stays uncrypted so you can still modify the files as you want.
      Try the new 2Moons Deployment module: More info
      V1.0.6 is out. Download now !
    • The download link is fixed

      cronos86 wrote:

      Jbaukens wrote:


      Ive noticed, i come back to you shortly, checking out whats going on
      Xterium and WOA included in the packageIf you have it now, you can continue to improve. There are modules I have developed for WOA and Xterium.

      Can you please read before asking always the same questions ?
      Try the new 2Moons Deployment module: More info
      V1.0.6 is out. Download now !