Selling 2moons theme close to ogame

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    • Selling 2moons theme close to ogame

      Greetings everyone, i decided to sell the project i work on. Its almost finished but it can be improved further. Galaxy menu, buildings menu, research menu and so on become very close to original ogame. If you wonder you can check and test it @ ,
      I am selling this for 150 $ if you are interested in you can contact me through forum.

      In addition, its responsive you can play it on screen sizes which are smaller than 500 px , i can develop it further, It also has antigame module like in original ogame, ie. when you clicked on planets you can see player's all planets and so on. There are some small problems in languages but if you are willing to buy, i can solve small language problems.
      • ogniter1.png

        546.74 kB, 1,355×621, viewed 22 times
      • ogniter2.png

        592.97 kB, 1,361×611, viewed 19 times
      • ogniter3.png

        875.32 kB, 1,360×605, viewed 23 times
      • ogniter4.png

        335.37 kB, 1,335×610, viewed 18 times

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