[Plesk/cPane/VestaCP/Manual] Deployment module for open-source games v.1.1.9

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    • Another info, starting from v1.1.6 calls to our system are not done anymore at every load up but once a day winch drastically reduce the amount of calls to our systems.
      And if a calls to our system fails (server not responding/timeout) the call will not be considered as invalid anymore, but will just try again later (which was not the case earlier)

      PS: i am aware the update link ito v1.1.6 s not being displayed, the build failed, i am investingating the reason and will keep you updatet

      UPDATE 1: 21.09 18:00: V1.1.6 has builded up successfully. The link will appaer soon or later.
      UPDATE 2: The above statement about the calls/failures is actually for v1.1.7. My bad
      Try the new Deployment module: More info
      V1.1.9 has been rolled out <3

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    • A little peak on what has been done already for version 1.1.7 coming end of week

      1. [New] Implement multi-skin feature for the deployment portal
      2. [New] Add @Yaro2709 login design as possible login skin
      3. [Updated] Reduce significantly the amount of calls to our system
      4. [Updated] Add the version of the module in the back link
      5. [Updated] The vote module has been updated with info about how to fill your vote link
      6. [Updated] Add a 5th vote system to the deployment module
      7. [Updated] Modify the game configuration page to build the form dynamically
      8. [Bug-fixes] Implement hot fix on the anti-spam system
      9. [Bug-fixes] Use the defined member language from the portal when registering to a new game (if it exist on the game as well)
      10. More to come soon

      Try the new Deployment module: More info
      V1.1.9 has been rolled out <3

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    • We released on the 21/10/2021 v1.1.9 of the deployment tool:
      • [New] Implement websocket configuration for Xterium (Auctioneer) & OGameX (Auctioneer, Chat)
      • [New] Implement monetization settings for every game template in the admin panel
      • [New] Add possibility to purchase antimatter with PayPal on Xterium template (Beta)
      • [Updated] Update some L18N inconsistencies
      • [Updated] Allow player to change nickname on Xterium template
      • [Bugfixes] Implement validation on universe name lenght (max. 20 chars) pre-deployment
      • [Bugfixes] Implement bug-fix on OGameX for the global send message function (admin) not displayed ingame
      • [Bugfixes] Implement bug-fix for the ingame vote function in every game template

      On the 21/10/2021 the following templates have been updated:
      1. [2moons]
      2. [Newstar]
      3. [WoA]
      4. [OGameX]
      5. [Xterium]
      6. [SteemNova]
      New deployments will automatically include the update. If you have already a deployment running with one of the listed templates, you can use the automatic game updater to update to the latest version.

      Questions ??
      Join the discord
      Try the new Deployment module: More info
      V1.1.9 has been rolled out <3