fleet error

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    • Hello,

      What is your code on that line ?

      PHP Source Code

      1. /includes/pages/game/class.ShowFleetStep1Page.php on 78
      - Xterium Template
      - War of Alliance Template
      - Antaris-Legacy Template
      - Ogame Template

      I can and will only help with instalation with hostings including cpanel or plesk and an teamviewer access
    • you asked for help but you solved the problem yourself? you wanted the answer and maybe others to but i ask you, could you please share your own solved code to the problem, thanks?
    • wrath wrote:

      hay..... I added extra menu tabs on the side just under the fleet tab...it seemed to brake the fleet page...when I removed what I did....it all went back to normal.
      is not breaking you must know php html and css if you dont know to manipulate the code ofcourse you break things, if u ask for help i may help you if u need just ask in forum im doing ogame skin and have alot of my time ocupied with that but when it will be ready it will down the forum bandwith :)