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    • I am leaving 2Moons for good, and stop maintain games under my costs, as I only have now time to code for my clients.

      If you are interested on acquiring Stellaron files, let me know. Once I had a restricted policy to be very exclusive and very little people to own it. Now, as I only will have time to my clients, up to them to operate the game. I will still provide free support, help, installation or anything technical related. Also do private add-ons or services. It is fully operational and ready to start, with many unique add-ons not seen in another games.

      The best way to describe it is to play through the demo (link below), as it has everything active and installed. Stellaron has a lot of content, Megastructures (very expensive unique planet type with unique characteristics such as Dark Matter production, see all galaxy planets, etc... These are capped 1 per player, but you can change if you wish), Terraforming biomes (changes planet biome and boosts resource production. Some biomes have specific mines), Officer Academy where you can assign officers to fleets or empire, Galactic community where players vote for global modifiers of the next week affecting everyone, many quality of life mods that players will welcome such as Synthetics (autobuilders of planets), Automatic Asteroid or Recycler, or on Empire page you can order to build something (building, ship, def) on all planets (these are just minimal examples, there are more, test yourself). And, of course, a redesigned galaxy view, like a map.

      Players can "design" their own ships, if you go to Shipyard, and open a ship, you have the "Open designer" option, where you can customize your ship. There aren't anymore any OGame-based ships, and Stellaron ones have been rebalanced and redesigned to fit on the game due to such customization. But if you are not confortable with this, it's possible to revert to default OGame ships.

      Furthermore, Stellaron has a BattlePass system, with daily-generated tasks and automated rewards - easily customizable - giving longevity to the game. In terms of PvE events, it has Guardians (same as endgame's Stellaris War of Heaven), Pirates (which is similar to the "bot"), Asteroids and Archaeological Expeditions (special lored expeditions which gives relics).

      Additionally, the Alliance system has been reworked: it has 3 alliance types, alliances have levels, an alliance fortress can be built, players have access to an alliance event to farm coins and exchange them for goods. The more levels an alliance has (earned by XP of active players), more powerful boosts to alliance members are given. Each alliance type (tech, merchant, fleet) is unique per alliance and cannot be changed once alliance is created. I recommend you take a look into the Alliance page.

      Certainly I forgot something, there is a lot of stuff on Stellaron, making it a unique code. It will be expensive, so make sure before you contact that you are willing to open your wallet. Quality has a price. The only recognized limitation is the lack of a proper JS framework/DOM such as React, which is already under development and should be released Q3 or Q4 after stability guaranteed and proper testing.

      If you are interested, take a look at
      Installation details and/or requirements can be read here:

      If you have further interest, mail me to

      I am deleting this 2moons account (delets in 7 days from the start of this post), so please do not send PMs. Any further contact should be done to the email above.

      Thank you.

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    • I'm working with him on my second project as well as on my first project.So fast, it doesn't ignore like others . He won't leave you out like others , He doesn't finish the job without fixing the errors .A little expensive but worth it!He creates a professional list and allows you to follow it , you see all the progress, you don't have to ask questions. :)
    • Hello, i am really interested, do check your mail when you can just wrote to you. :)
    • Paid. If interested send email to the mail above.

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    • Added discord for reference, as has been requested through contacts.

    • After EOGAME drama, where you have like 10 people selling the same code, I feel that should be said here. If anyone tries to sell you Stellaron (that is not me), good luck with it.

      The game has an internal security measure. Buying the game from someone else that is not me, Qwa (or / Qwatayean#8543), after the installation or logging in, whatever, the game will block itself, making it unusable.

      And you'll lose the game and money because of this. Letting this warning here before you're getting scammed.

      Just like my older account, this one is set to be deleted, just created to leave this warning there. Any further contacts should be made to the e-mail above.

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    • as some urls have been dead, to maintain contact with this guy, he still uses discord

      his discord is "qwatayean"

      look at what he created here for (old ogame clone). he is not selling this one.
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