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    • Selling

      Selling script, the same one that is used on (Not My Domain Name), script was bought from Marcis (Owner of

      <3 99% off from what Marcis is asking for <3
      (*this price will remain the same even after mothers day or tell me a good joke and get it for free!)

      Script is based of 07.05.2020 Steemnova onwards, with license that is also included in the zip file he sends to you after the purchase.

      GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

      the AGPL License includes an explicit grant of patent rights. Essentially, this means that anyone who created or contributed to the original licensed code has “given away” their patent rights with regard to any subsequent reuse of the software under that license.

      *License and copyright notice
      *State changes
      *Disclose source
      *Network use is distribution
      *Same license

      It dosen't really matter what EOgame owner says or what kind of "permissions" he gives out to people, the script is under that licences meaning he has no word on it, he gave those rights away. :rolleyes:
      He is obligated to release his source code when asked.
      Contact me through PM only. :whistling:

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    • EOGAME.EU is my property and the code is made by me. Everyone else who has purchased code from him, I will take action to take down your servers.

      If you want to purchase a real script and use it without worry, you can contact me visiting
    • Przestańcie już pieprzyć, oboje, zaśmiecacie forum swoimi durnymi pogaduszkami . Oboje kantujecie wiec zamknijcie się,i rozwiążcie swoje sprawy poza forum .Ani jeden ,ani drugi nie napisał kodu gry,tylko unowocześnił kod który był od lat. A wyłączyć to możesz jedynie światło,bo żaden haker z ciebie. :) taka dygresja .