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  • cuándo voy a enviar una flota a expedisionar me da este error
    Message: Division by zero
    File: /includes/classes/class.FleetFunctions.php
    Line: 190
    URL: xnova.nat.cu/game.php?page=fleetStep2
    PHP-Version: 7.3.33-1+ubuntu20.04.1+deb.sury.org+1
    PHP-API: fpm-fcgi
    2Moons Version: 2.4.git
    Debug Backtrace:
    #0 /includes/classes/class.FleetFunctions.php(190): errorHandler(2, 'Division by zer...', 'FILEPATH ...', 190, Array)
    #1 /includes/pages/game/ShowFleetStep2Page.class.php(74): FleetFunctions::GetFleetMissions(Array, Array, false)
    #2 /game.php(58): ShowFleetStep2Page->show()
    #3 {main}