How to activate the epic blue skin?

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    • How to activate the epic blue skin?


      the installation of 2moons 1.8 was not that complicated. But i wonder how to activate the epic blue skin located in the theme directory :huh:


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    • i never tried it but i am guessing

      open vars.php and finde DEFAULT_THEME constant change its name to epic blue

      if it is not in vars.php it can be in common.php

      for a slightly better version of steemnova
    • Thanks for your answer!

      Sadly it gives another error message:

      Source Code

      1. Unknown error
      2. Message: Trying to access array offset on value of type null
      3. File: /includes/pages/game/AbstractGamePage.class.php
      4. Line: 171
      5. URL:
      6. PHP-Version: 7.4.30
      7. PHP-API: apache2handler
      8. 2Moons Version: 1.8.git
      9. Debug Backtrace:
      10. #0 /includes/pages/game/AbstractGamePage.class.php(171): errorHandler()
      11. #1 /includes/pages/game/AbstractGamePage.class.php(185): AbstractGamePage->getNavigationData()
      12. #2 /includes/pages/game/AbstractGamePage.class.php(255): AbstractGamePage->getPageData()
      13. #3 /includes/pages/game/ShowOverviewPage.class.php(311): AbstractGamePage->display()
      14. #4 /game.php(58): ShowOverviewPage->show()
      15. #5 {main}
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      Seems like steemnova dont let me create a functional ogame clone -.-
      No backups and registration possible and no epic blue skin.
      Looks like i need more help than expected