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  • what version of php do you use? Because I have a function which is with a deleted typing and its going to correct this error. Please to see this error correctly work your console and look at the response received when requesting the error message. Since it's in js see won't see the error like that.
  • yamilrh wrote:

    @Danter14 el mod quest me esta dando este problema en el servidor pero sin embargo en el local me funciona perfectamente

    Source Code

    1. game.php:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<!DOCTYPE "... is not valid JSON
    2. at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    3. at Function.parseJSON (jquery.js:514:23)
    4. at Object.success (quests.js?v=.git:37:27)
    5. at fire (jquery.js:974:30)
    6. at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:1084:7)
    7. at done (jquery.js:7803:14)
    8. at XMLHttpRequest.callback (jquery.js:8518:8)
    Alguna idea del porque me muestra este error y no se muestran las misiones
    Parece que está intentando analizar un documento HTML como si fuera JSON. Eso no va a funcionar, porque HTML no es JSON
  • Danter14 wrote:

    what version of php do you use? Because I have a function which is with a deleted typing and its going to correct this error. Please to see this error correctly work your console and look at the response received when requesting the error message. Since it's in js see won't see the error like that.
    PHP-Version: 7.3.33-11+
    VERY SAD :/ :/ :/ :/
  • Hello.

    you need to adjust the files I will share with you to make it adaptable for newstar

    but first you need to install the mod and then you need to change the file I will give you last.


    You need to replace the file I gave above after the installation is finished.

    and then you need to modify the other file I will give you.


    2 files are provided above. You will replace these files when the mod is fully installed.

    1 file extension /includes/pages/adm/

    you're going to throw it in


    2nd given file extension

    You will throw it in

    and so all files will work and you can continue your process from the admin panel.

    Thank you @Danter14 who contributed to us in this file

    on the other hand @yamilrh--Thank you for configuring and running the newstar adaptation in this file

  • New Modes and recommended

    1- [Mod List] Coupon Mode

    For example, players can give antimatter or in-game items that can be purchased with a coupon code.
    Antimatter Only
    Only DarkMatter
    Only Metal - Deuterium - Crystal
    Fleet Units Only
    Defense Units Only
    By setting the products that can be given to the player in the Admin Panel, creating a coupon code and entering the coupon code into the player's account, a field can be made where the coupon code can be entered, which will make the purchase better.
    2- [Mod List] Special Premium Area Packages

    A special in-game premium area can be made and only specified products can be placed in this premium area so that 1 to 5 or 10 types of products can be purchased in bulk.
    For example, there may be packages that can be purchased with antimatter or darkmatter. It would be better to set this from the admin panel. how are you
    You have set up the tasks system, it creates and distributes packages accordingly. This can be improved however you foresee.
    3- [Mod List] Level System

    A level system can be set up for players, for example, when a person performs a transaction or task in the game, a level system can be given to him or her, and when the level exp is full.
    Metal - deuterium - crystal - dark matter - antimatte can be given as rewards. Players will have a purpose. We can keep the player in the game like a list of missions.
    This system can be improved, it's up to you.
    4- [Mod List] External Galaxies

    In addition to the in-game galaxy system, there may be galaxies such as the nebula andromeda, and in these galaxies there may be bot planets that can farm loot.
    Sectors can be created to gain raw materials or dark matter and antimatter, and this can be improved, it's up to you.
    5- [Mod List] Developable Structures and Fleets

    There are Defense Units - Civil Servants - Buildings - Attack Units - Research Units in the game. In addition to these, there are extra additions from the admin panel, so many more.
    Game owners should be able to add new buildings to the sample buildings area from the admin panel or add new research to the research without having to deal with the code.
    This can be improved as to which unit it should be with, it's up to you.

    These are the things I will add for now, I would like to hear your thoughts on them.
  • I will soon post on the YouTube channel the VOD of the last live as a recap

    The recap is now available on my channel.

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  • Hello, a live starts around 9:45 a.m. for the continuation of the mod voucher code.

    I will also make changes and improvements to the old mods to make them compatible with the different versions available which will put the folders like the screen later.

    For what ?
    Quite simply because it will allow you to install them more easily on the version of your choice.
    You will only need to take the files that you need for the chosen game version.

    The downloads of new Mods and old mods will also change and will only go via and the github repository will therefore go private. This will allow me to have better monitoring for future corrections, for example. This part is currently being considered because I have to redo my site first.

    So that's it for the main lines.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate
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  • Hallo
    Hier von Danter14 sein Astroiden Mod die Deutsche Sprachdatei. Wer es Braucht.
    Danke für den Mod Danter 14 hab es nun entlich in meinen Test Spiel Sternova eingebaut.
  • Good morning,

    here are the last screens of the Voucher mods completely finished after a 4 hour live on the administration part.
    The design is not yet done because I will do it in hoff as well as modify it so that it works on new star and steemnova.

    • Capture d'écran 2024-04-29 001256.png

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