GOGame: A new OGame clone in development

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    • GOGame: A new OGame clone in development

      GOGame is a new OGame clone still in development. Ive progressed in first instance on the backed with an functional api, and now i started to try to make some kind of UI fetching widgets here and there to use with it. and here are the first screens of it for the lobby. I am going on an UI not used already in another game and with should be 100% responsive.

      GOGame is as his name announce developed with the GO framework

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    • Today, we have started to work on the admin panel. We have to admit that the current admin panel is quit ugly, not user friendly, and has barely usefull features. So i am trying to make the onboarding configuration as easy as possible.
      As you can see, The admin panel is still going to be fully responsive

    • Re-Origins wrote:

      Good job, but a friendly tip, don't use those effects on the screenshots, hard to see.

      Is this going to be open source?
      These effects are not from us. Its a free .psd we found on internet to showcase and didnt find a way to remove them, we are 3 but all backend developers, so its not easy to edit something related to UI for us :P

      GOGame being a clone of OGame, the base of it will be opensourced if we can place a UI on our backend. You can consider as "being part of the base" any feature you can find back on the real OGame (minus life forms and market). Additional features have to be developed on your own side or purchased from the plugin store, thats your own preferences

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