help installing avatar for newstar

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  • help installing avatar for newstar

    Hello everyone

    If there is an avatar installation mod for newstar, can you share it here?

    but can we set it so that it can work on all pages, for example, in the avatar statistics uploaded, the avatar uploaded by the players should appear, when I look at the other MODs, only the uploading player appears to have his own avatar in other players, can you help if you have a proper AVATAR MOD for this.
  • hello, we are working on the mod, the working feature of the mod allows players to upload their own profile avatars, a standard upload was uploaded via link in newstar, the mod here is set so that it can be uploaded via pc or file, the mod will normally be editable with the current design in a flat code, I give a few examples of this

    the mod is almost finished, only the uploaded images are the same in other areas, we need to fix this problem, for example

    When user A uploads an avatar, he sees his own avatar when he looks at other players' profiles or statistics. I will get some support for this from danter and russoll.

    we need to show the uploaded avatars separately

    remember you can design and use it yourself

    those who help the community @Russoll @Danter14