New servers cannot be added.

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    • New servers cannot be added.

      Hi~ Friends

      Information support to the multi universe

      2Moons can support multiuniverse healthy, you must configure Web server according to the requested.
      You can find out what you server can support in "Information" button. If not sure, best, ask friends at your hosting company.
      If you run an Apache Server, you must retire out only the rows 48-51 in the .htacces file in the main shipping characters (remove the route).
      In addition, mod_rewrite is required.
      If it will run an nginx Server, the vhost configuration is directly to rewrite rule to expand:
      rewrite /(.*)/?uni[0-9]+/?(.*) /$1/$2 break;
      Easily paste the code snippet below the line with the "server_name".

      I would like to add a new server.
      The content shown above is displayed, but the server cannot be added.
      How can I create additional servers?