[old 2Moons mods] download here

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    • [old 2Moons mods] download here

      this mods are for old 2moonsversions, u can use them for inspiration, its also mostly easy to adpt them, if they are for 1.7.x
      therefor u have toch change the db-access
      Display Spoiler

      what has been


      can be changed into

      $db = Database::get();
      $db->insert(.....) $db->select(.....) oder$db->update(.....)
      this should be the easyest way to adapt them

      Downloadlist for old 2moons mods

      wabba dabba ding dong!!!
    • Hello mimikri,

      your link doesn't work for me. It says "404 Not found". Would you be so kind for posting a new link or could you upload the mods please?