[STYLE]researchpage 1.8

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    • [STYLE]researchpage 1.8

      Do not forget to do the research as well as the buildings ^^
    • Hi, you could add a build and research button to build a maximum for example I need to build 100 levels at a time for one time please :thumbsup:
    • here also fix for french language
      line 52 - 54 replace with

      HTML Source Code

      1. <div onclick="return Dialog.info({$ID})" style=" width:172px; height:172px; background:url('{$dpath}gebaeude/{$ID}.gif'); background-size:100% 100%;"><div style="background:rgba(13, 16, 20, 0.95); height: 30px; border-bottom: 1px solid #000; padding-left:2px; width:100%;"><a class="tooltip" data-tooltip-content="<div style='max-width:200px;'>{$LNG.shortDescription.{$ID}|replace:'"':'\''}<br><br> {$LNG.bd_remaining|replace:'"':'\''}<br>
      2. {foreach $Element.costOverflow as $ResType => $ResCount}
      3. {$LNG.tech.{$ResType}|replace:'"':'\''}: <span style='font-weight:700'>{$ResCount|number}</span><br>
    • here it is the same error as in the other post.
      pls shorten the french phrase. alternativ you can give the div an overflow hidden or make the planet class in the format.css longer^^

      PHP Source Code

      1. $LNG['fgf_time'] = 'Temps de construction :';

      in line 56 of the styles/templates/game/page.research.default.tpl

      Source Code

      1. {$LNG.tech.{$ID}}</a>

      Source Code

      1. {$LNG.tech.{$ID}}<br>
      this shoud do the break before the level

      updated the zip
    • When we want to cancel a search it makes us

      PHP Source Code

      1. Message: Undefined offset: 124
      2. File: /includes/pages/game/ShowResearchPage.class.php
      3. Line: 61
      4. URL: http://galaxie.pandaz.eu/uni01/game.php?page=research
      5. PHP-Version: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1
      6. PHP-API: apache2handler
      7. 2Moons Version: 1.8.git
      8. Debug Backtrace:
      9. #0 /includes/pages/game/ShowResearchPage.class.php(61): errorHandler(8, 'Undefined offse...', 'FILEPATH ...', 61, Array)
      10. #1 /includes/pages/game/ShowResearchPage.class.php(342): ShowResearchPage->CancelBuildingFromQueue()
      11. #2 /game.php(57): ShowResearchPage->show()
      12. #3 {main}
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    • Message: Undefined offset: 131
      File: /includes/pages/game/ShowResearchPage.class.php
      Line: 61
      URL: skywars.space/game.php?page=research
      PHP-Version: 5.6.31
      PHP-API: litespeed
      2Moons Version: 1.9 git.
      Debug Backtrace:
      #0 /includes/pages/game/ShowResearchPage.class.php(61): errorHandler(8, 'Undefined offse...', 'FILEPATH ...', 61, Array)
      #1 /includes/pages/game/ShowResearchPage.class.php(342): ShowResearchPage->CancelBuildingFromQueue()
      #2 /game.php(57): ShowResearchPage->show()
      #3 {main}
    • @mimikri The buttons that allow you to build 20 buildings per one click do not crash game concept, it is good if you run cheaper hostings, what most of 2moons holders do. Because each time when you press to build building it uses server process and if you reach maximum of those processes your game may crash!