[MOD]topnav 1.8

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    • My site is not reachable from extern. It's hosted on a local server in my LAN.
      The game is only for my (and family and friends) private use.

      I hope you can help me anyway. I can't fix it by my own....
    • this looks like a css issue.... if you press f12 using chrome...if you look at the bottom right corner you will see the css which aligns the content on the page look at the blue link to the pic... you will find one similar on your site the folder its pointing to looks like it dosen't have the image their...ass for the dm also place your mouse over it ans right click and inspect. you will see width, height...etc youu can adjust this when your done open the css files and make the changes...usually ill copy all the css, open the file in an editor paste it and upload it the the folder.....clear cache in the game and the browser, and it should be the wat you want
      • f12.png

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    • Thanks, but I'm not able to fix it. The F12 editor in FF and Chrome was tested by me. But I don't know what to do exactly to fix this issue.

      But I opened the server for you. You have PM.

      Perhaps you can help this way if you want!