[Bug] Building Queue

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    • [Bug] Building Queue

      we just have bug which appears when you try to cancel something in the building queue, mostly something in the middle of the queue.

      Following error appears and you are not able to enter the building page until it's ready with building. I found out that clearing the queue list manualy on database in planet table, helps to fix the button.

      So my solution is that maybe the data stored in queue get broked when you remove something from the queue.

      Source Code

      1. essage: DateTime::setTimestamp() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given
      2. File: /includes/GeneralFunctions.php
      3. Line: 143
      4. URL: https://www.lugon.de/space/uni2/game.php?page=buildings
      5. PHP-Version: 7.1.11-1+0~20171027135525.10+stretch~1.gbp2e638d
      6. PHP-API: cgi-fcgi
      7. 2Moons Version: 1.8.git
      8. Debug Backtrace:
      9. #0 [internal function]: errorHandler(2, 'DateTime::setTi...', 'FILEPATH ...', 143, Array)
      10. #1 /includes/GeneralFunctions.php(143): DateTime->setTimestamp(5.1721724504224E+53)
      11. #2 /includes/pages/game/ShowBuildingsPage.class.php(231): _date('U', 5.1721724504224E+53, 'Europe/London')
      12. #3 /includes/pages/game/ShowBuildingsPage.class.php(271): ShowBuildingsPage->getQueueData()
      13. #4 /game.php(57): ShowBuildingsPage->show()
      14. #5 {main}
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      If you wanna try it on my server, the URL is: lugon.de/space
    • Hello some function is not compatible with php 7.1, we advise you to go under php 7.0
      I remain at your disposal on the forum for any questions or help.

      A help is of course not a creation of a mod

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