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      Hello dear Players.

      I want to present "my own work" as i did it from scratch. I am selling a full working ogame copy, same design, same functionalities and also nearly same javascript code (At least i used that what was useful for me and the rest i coded by myself).

      So the whole Script + Login Page (Also 100% OGAME Design) is up for sale.

      Help at the installation + continious update´s if something changed for at least 1 year. (After one year you have to pay for Updates) As also i do offer myself as programmer for stuff for 2moons.

      Script Price: 500 Euro
      Price for 1 Hour of work: 30 Euro
    • лол
      читаем отзыв обо мне тут, вдохновляемся, а после этого не верим в то что я выкладываю)))) предупреждаю сразу, после моих модов слетает БД, портится карма и вообще все плохо становится)))) ставим на свой страх и риск :D
    • When you sell a thing it would be nice to put a link for you.
      Knowing that you still sell the game 500 € which is a big budjet.
      I remain at your disposal on the forum for any questions or help.

      A help is of course not a creation of a mod

      Spaccon 1.0 will be version 3.0 of 2moons that I'm coding
      Demo and coding 2moons 2.0
    • Danter14 wrote:

      When you sell a thing it would be nice to put a link for you.
      Knowing that you still sell the game 500 € which is a big budjet.
      True. Selling without showing what is your product is like giving a shot in the dark for the buyer.
      Looking for good VPS to host your game? Use DigitalOcean and get 10$ bonus credit!

      Private project - stellaron.space

      I can build any mod. Need my service? Contact me via PM
    • So this is Zyperax owner who tried to scam everyone. I saw that he had uploaded Gameforge css and html on one of his dead servers to make a fake impression of having a real game. :D

      If you wouldn't reset your games every month and would fix issues instead of trying to destroy other servers you would earn that money from players easily. :D

      30 Euros per hour? Isn't it a bit too much for somebody who isn't even qualified to debug the game? :D
    • florin21 wrote:

      Dark-Space.ga use Internet Explorer best
      I only have the best ogame server :thumbsup:
      I will show you mine version of ogame script, you will become disapointed of yours :P
      - Xterium Template
      - War of Alliance Template
      - Antaris-Legacy Template
      - Ogame Template

      I can and will only help with instalation with hostings including cpanel or plesk and an teamviewer access
    • XenQen wrote:

      Thranduil wrote:

      500 euros and 1 hour work 30 euros ? :D What kind of drugs do you use ?
      Are you an african kid or why do you think 30 Euros for doing stuff your stupid brain cant do is expensive, so why not?
      You call him an African kid while you're the one who is trying to scam other people with fake scripts, you're one who makes 3+ servers to milk as much money as possible from players, you're calling other servers: "shit" + knowing how many players and how active are your games you for sure earn less than 1k from them per month. If you had brains and knowledge worth 30 euros/ hour then you wouldn't do any of this but you would work in IT company or you would make a new project unrelated to 2moons.