just a fun server: OGame FrulAR [2Moons 2.0]

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    • just a fun server: OGame FrulAR [2Moons 2.0]

      Hi there,

      I just wanted to share the 2moons server I just created. I'm and old OGame gamer.

      As I got the [amazing] server files for free (thanks @Danter14 and everyone who has made any kind of contribution) I decided to give it a try and host it on a free hosting. The game is totally free, you can't buy darkmatter but you can still find it in expeditions or via the Dark Matter Collector ship.

      It is basically 2Moons 2.0 with a few personal changes, mostly in the index and the order of certain stuff.

      I tried working with a Xterium pack I found around this forum but it requires a lot of work, and since I'm not a programmer I gave up and tried this amazing alternative. I'm also playing it a loooot because I want to give as much feedback as I can to these cool developers in here ;)

      everyone who wants to have some fun is welcome :thumbsup:


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    • Good luck on your 2moons adventure @carter15
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    • Danter14 wrote:

      Thank you for using version 2.0
      it's me who is glad to be using your files, keep up the great work!

      I wrote you some suggestion in your github ;)

      expect more to come :D

      Qwa wrote:

      Good luck on your 2moons adventure @carter15
      Thanks. The game is pretty fun as it is now. I'm really looking forward to seeing a combat report that shows the ships' images just like in Xterium. The rest of 2Moons is pretty solid 8)