2moons 1.9 + MODs

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    • 2moons 1.9 + MODs


      I installed the 2moons 1.9 + Mods from github.com/HikeGame/2moons-1.9, and I noticed something it's not working as intended.

      • The moon mod redirects to a "This site was not found", so it's not possible to use it.
      • "Lucky 7 Days Package" shows resources at 0, so even buying something, you obtain 0.
      • In the "Resources bonus" mod ocurrs the same at the "Lucky 7 Days Package" mod.
      • "Jackpot" doesn't log the people who tried to crack the code.
      I don't know what's the problem. It's a clean install and I don't use any script to blog JavaScript or something.

      Another thing: where can I, as an admin, modify the values of all the mods installed? I want to reduce the bonus and DM in some of them.

      Thank you in advance! :)
    • Hello, for ka bonus resources is the Lucky it is calculate with the production of the players so if you do not produce it is 0. for the jackpot of my cot it saves all well in the comic. to change DM values change them in php files
      I remain at your disposal on the forum for any questions or help.

      A help is of course not a creation of a mod

      Spaccon 1.0 will be version 3.0 of 2moons that I'm coding
      Demo and coding 2moons 2.0