2Moons 2.1 for Mobile

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    • 2Moons 2.1 for Mobile

      Hi all,

      I've mixed 2moons 1.8 from github.com/mimikri/2Moons-1.8-mods (nice skin for mobile)
      with 2moons 2.0 from github.com/HikeGame/2moons-2.0 (PHP 7.2 compatible and High Speed compatible)

      And called it 2moons 2.1 (It's compatible with PHP 7+ and is also desktop/mobile friendly)

      You can download the source from: github.com/Bast75/2moons-2.1

      Please come and play. hulstgames.nl/2moons

      Universe Settings:
      Game Speed: 2
      Fleet Speed: 2
      Speed of production of resources: 4

      Resource storage multiplicator: 2

      Expedition speed: 2
      Energy Factor: 1

      Start - Metal: 50.000

      Start - Crystal: 50.000

      Start - Deuterium: 10.000

      Production of Metal Basic: 20

      Production of Crystal Basic: 10

      Production of Deuterium Basic: 1

      Size of the planet: 1.5
      Protection of newbies: Enabled

      Protection n. points: 200.000

      Newbie Point Multiply: 5

      Please report bugs, issues and possible idea's and/or improvements also.
      Come and play 2moons 2.1 (PHP 7.2 compatible & Mobile friendly)
      at: hulstgames.nl/2moons

      Or download 2moons 2.1 from: github.com/Bast75/2moons-2.1
    • Hello first impression it is not made for mobile
      continue the adaptation of the design
      I remain at your disposal on the forum for any questions or help.

      A help is of course not a creation of a mod

      Spaccon 1.0 will be version 3.0 of 2moons that I'm coding
      Demo and coding 2moons 2.0