New 2moons Version based on 1.8 rewrite with Angular 6

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    • New 2moons Version based on 1.8 rewrite with Angular 6

      Hi , in 2016 i rewrite 2moons 1.7.3 using Angular JS , the results are incredible in speed , i made client in angular and server in php just with litle json changes , this split allow to make phone/table apps using cordova for any devices , desktop devices using NwJS or AppJs for all platforms using assets directly , and also can be instaled directly into browser .
      Still i was not satisfied with some results, and i wanted to write in typecript because its modern language and easy to develop so i started now using Angular 6 .
      The results are incredible 90% faster then before .
      2moons is dying slowly , lets make it modern , bether code, stable and optimized , faster then before , anyone interesed into this i would like to work as a team .
      I want to improve it so people can change the game strategy , if they want to switch to medieval from space strategy , or to choose the map type , resources name , bether Vars Editor directly into admin panel , i also work on a star map , a galaxy that contain all solar sistems , diferent zoom levels , high quality images generated in photoshop , sun moon planets , stars , space dust, asteroids , etc , the map is something like Astro Empire , fleets can be seen moving on it , an radar will detect them , people can see other players atacked , i use LeafJS right now , and for medieval gameplay i use resources and textures from Cossack European Wars ( map textures , units, buildings etc. ) .