[Selling] Automatical Xsolla Payment System 2moons 1.8

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    • [Selling] Automatical Xsolla Payment System 2moons 1.8

      In case you do not know what Xsolla is: Xsolla is similar to Paymentwall or hipaymobile(allopass) but with even more options! So micropayments AND big payments wont be a problem and more! Even paypal, credit card payments or paysafecard payments are included in Xsolla! The system is working full automatical and interacts with the xsolla api.

      The System is available with flexible values or fixed values.

      Price: 50 Euro.

      Of course a README about the installation is included and explained in detail, anyway if you need help it will cost you 60 euro in total to set it up together.