My new project

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    • My new project

      Hello everyone, I have a new udpate from my 2moons Ogame project. This is a 2moons core with Ogame design. Still there is some things what I want to include in my game, but i will show what I have been done already.

      My game information:
      • PHP 7
      • 2moon master as a core
      • OPBE battle system
      • Automatic donation system
      • Uncheatable vote system
      • Anti spam system
      • Anti registration bot system
      There is a lot more in my game so there are some images below.
      • Battle_report.png

        191.94 kB, 1,864×1,033, viewed 568 times
      • Buildings.png

        1.18 MB, 1,669×1,036, viewed 480 times
      • fleet_page.png

        833.97 kB, 1,657×1,033, viewed 416 times
      • Galaxy.png

        608.54 kB, 1,716×1,033, viewed 389 times
      • Market.png

        747.73 kB, 1,711×1,035, viewed 405 times
      • officiers.png

        1.13 MB, 1,771×1,025, viewed 439 times
      • Overview.png

        872.56 kB, 1,803×1,031, viewed 372 times
      • PayPal.png

        598.7 kB, 1,624×1,031, viewed 441 times
      • Planetarium.png

        621.24 kB, 1,755×1,033, viewed 318 times
      • Resources.png

        790.37 kB, 1,670×1,034, viewed 342 times
    • As i can only attach 10 images I attack rest of them in this post! There is still alot what I am not showing in images. :) Soon probalby will lounch a test site.
      • Send_fleet.png

        565.3 kB, 1,620×1,035, viewed 263 times
      • Statistic.png

        651.39 kB, 1,695×1,033, viewed 292 times
      • Tournament.png

        610.66 kB, 1,742×1,041, viewed 286 times
      • Transportation.png

        833.35 kB, 1,603×1,036, viewed 272 times
      • Vote_reward.png

        697.65 kB, 1,683×1,034, viewed 233 times
    • it just looks like the design made by alin with xterium additions nothing more. But I could be wrong
      I remain at your disposal on the forum for any questions or help.

      A help is of course not a creation of a mod

      My game Ounivers
      Project 2moons3.0 / Downloading
    • Alin design is similar because he too tryed to copy ogame, but his work is on old 2moons core and much more primitive , also his work is not finished.
    • Well... the design only relies on the templates and css and I’m pretty sure that there are no real differences between version 1.7 and 2Moons Master regarding to its tpls because the changes nearly only appeared to be for backend stuff. Also I’m quiet sure that your “new Project” is also not finish.

      The fact that you do not even have a test link or anything else seems to underline my thought. Also I do not understand if u highlighting your “uncheatable vote system” that you do not underline that this is NOT working for every vote page, if I’m not wrong only 2-3 vote pages support such callbacks currently. Also, honestly it’s quiet sad that you are using the xterium battle report design for ogame theme, I mean they got nothing in common lol

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    • odiabile wrote:

      just another shitty and bugged code :)


      Even if i am officially out of this community since i wont run games anymore. Its funny to see that you only connect to insult others coding job while you are not able to code a "Hello World" php script (way of speaking) ?( ?( ?( :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

      Anyway happy birthday :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: , i know i was not that long ago...

    • @Thisishowwedoit And thats the problem with this forum, the biggest trash talkers are those who dont know shit about coding :D I would understand that you say bad staff about my work or Danter but not some pathetic losers who dont know how to set up server without instaler.
    • Good job, haven't seen a good ogame-redesign skin for ages. Most of them are turkish and full of unneeded stuff.

      ps: I don't understand why you got downvoted (-2) on the post. despite of being a ogame-like skin, we can't find a complete one nowadays on google lol. Btw, as you said I like the fact people trashtalk about this while they have never shown something done by them. Like evolution stagnant over ages.
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    • @Qwa This my work is not something extraordinary or special, I am just showing what I have done and I am not web designer who can create awsome designs thats why I use standart designs what players are familiar with. But yes most of the haters are people who cant create theire own staff and are angry because you do not give them anything for free. :D I can bet you got some messages too from people who asking and begging for your script and dont even respect that you put your time and hard work to make it.
    • @Thranduil No matter if is simple, special, or complex... you did something, it's what matters :)
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      Stellaron Reborn - new summer update

      I can build any mod. Need my service? Contact me via PM
    • мой новый пароект... ппц, взять огеймовский стиль не известно какого года давности, притянуть туда плюшки и картинки с других проектов лун... мда
      Кто к нам с чем зачем, тот от того и того! :D
    • Что тут сказать:
      Опять очередная солянка (о да, как же чел сверху их любит)

      p.s. Знаю, что уже существует 2 нормальных скина (рабочих):
      X-nova Rev. V 6.1
      2Moons Ogame V1.7

      При их совмещение получается идеальный исходник))
    • aurum79 тут не чего нет притянутого эта сборка валялась на просторе инета у меня она есть один к одному просто некоторые проекты убирают с доступа дабы барыжить потом )) кому надо обращайтесь дам такую сборку рабочая клон огэйма один к одному
      Yaro2709 а тебя я давал ее ))) кстати нашел еще третью уже на 1.8 проекте
    • Death wrote:

      Danter14 wrote:

      it just looks like the design made by alin with xterium additions nothing more. But I could be wrong
      OFC its alin design ... and this its 2moons-galaxyz-master .....+ upgrades :)
      Aligns desging is not finished and also use old 2moons as core. I have 1.8 master 2moons with PHP 7 and design is finished. Also my server is #1 in Gametoor.