When i find css on this

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    • When i find css on this

      I search on all css and I can't find
      How can I change this empty space on top image? I want 100% size image- not cut image
      Image size is:140x120 but on view only 120x120 0_o
      Edit: 2moons 1.8
      Edit2: screen from chrome:
      [Blocked Image: http://funkyimg.com/i/2Mgck.png]

      [Blocked Image: http://funkyimg.com/i/2Mgdj.png]

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    • the worry does not come from the css but images that are empty
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    • if you go to the building.tpl ( if that's what y posted) and were the image is path is at the it should look similar to this <img src="img_girl.jpg"width="500" height="600">

      This is an example but if can specify width and height
    • if you're too lazy, you can use <img src ...... style="clip rect(X X X X)"> so you can crop image without modify it.
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