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    • Hi,
      irgendwie funktioniert seit der Umstellung die Anzeige der "ungelesenen Beiträge nicht mehr"
      Wenn ich die aufrufen möchte, (ich sehe dass mehrere neue Da sind), kommt nur: "Sie haben einen ungültigen oder nicht mehr gültigen Link aufgerufen."


      Racer | zeig dass DU es drauf hast, wir warten auf DICH ...
    • Hello @mimikri

      Not sure that someone updated you abut it but since you moved the server, we are forced to make a hard refresh of the page to load the news post and message, otherwise its always the cached version that appaer.

    • Hello,

      Today i cam back online and i had the cached version, but that was expected since its my first visit since yesterday.
      I will update you tomorrow or this evening if i make another visit to tell you if i had to force a refresh or if the new post appaers automatically.

      I did a hard refresh now to clear all old server info to be sure my next visit is a clean one.

    • Just came here to say congratulations.
      The previous host was a trouble... somehow i was never able to successfully login at the first attempt and, if you believe me, i had to login twice every time!

      This problem is now completely gone!