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    • Hi ich versuche gerade das Game zum Laufen zu bringen, doch leider ohne erfolg. Ist ggf. jemand da der es zhum laufen gebracht hat, deutsch spricht und im besten Fall noch ts (Teamspeak) hat ??
      Wäre Super :)

    • I have working Xterium Game, but i have some issue. The building time of light class of ships are 1s, even when the game are configured to speed x1.
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    • should not be normal, i am still working on a new version of the game but this time using the angular framework for personal reason to get into a new job (learning course)
      Are you on an undevelopped planet with most techs and bonuses at 0 ?
    • @Thisishowwedoit
      It is a clean planet. It only has what is necessary to meet the technological requirements of the ships.
      If you look, the spy probe does have adequate construction time.
      Everything seems to be with the light class.
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    • The spy probe is normal as it doesnt belong to any class so it isnt "upgradable" i am going to check once in my old github code to see what could cause this.
      Can you inform me if you are using gametype one or two as there are some difference between boths to check same code

      back tomorrow
    • Continue developing the game normally and the same happens with the middle class.

      Everything seems to indicate that the cause is in the calculation of time according to the player's bonus.

      PHP Source Code: class.BuildFunctions.php

      1. if($pricelist[$Element]['type_gun'] == 1){ //Light Class
      2. $Total = (($PLANET['light_conveyor'] + floor($PLANET['light_conveyor'] / 100 * $getGalaxySevenConLvl))*60);
      3. $Total += $Total / 100 * $getGalaxySevenConv;
      4. $TotalBonus = $USER['peacefull_exp_light'] + $SpecialShip + $hashallyconv1;
      5. $TotalBonus1 = ($Total / 100 * $premium_conv_l);
      6. $TotalBonus2 = ($Total / 100 * $planetStructureBonuses['bonus_conveyors']);
      7. $TotalBonus3 = ($Total / 100 * $arsenal_1_conv);
      8. $TotalBonus4 = ($Total / 100 * ($USER['rpg_technocrate']*5));
      9. $Total = $Total + $TotalBonus + $TotalBonus1 + $TotalBonus2 + $TotalBonus3 + $TotalBonus4;
      10. if($Total == 0)
      11. $Total = 1;
      12. $time = 1/$Total/3600;
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      In the final line it says: $time = 1/$Total/3600;
      giving a fraction of a second and eliminating all previous time calculation.
    • Well, if Thisishowwedoit was not too dumb he probably added a column in uni1_vars for the respective classes of units where you should also be able to edit spy probes easily.

      *so as I can see there is a column called type_gun, there you can edit the class of Spy probes.
    • The problem is not in the spy probe. In fact, the probe has adequate time.

      It is the ships classified by classes that have a fractional time of a second on a planet with the minimum to make such a ship.
      I gave him an alternative solution, but it can't be the final one. It consists of putting the same equation of calculation of time of the ships without classification (probe, colonizer, saver ...). It cannot be definitive because once the player obtains the bonuses, the problem occurs again.
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