How to Encode a VPS for Version 1.8

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    • ever heard about google ? a simple search will result in 1.000 website with guides
      - Xterium Template
      - War of Alliance Template
      - Antaris-Legacy Template
      - Ogame Template

      I can and will only help with instalation with hostings including cpanel or plesk and an teamviewer access
    • Is there anything else in this forum except asking for stupid help ? Except 2-3 guys this forum became a noob area where everyone is just asking for help, help, help. Nobody here knows anything except those 2-3 guys here. It’s so sad what the community of 2Moons became.
      1. Should really try to understand how the whole thing works before you go that route. If the VPS service is extremely cheap odds are that shared system you might as well just get a cloud hosting
      2. But if VPS is the way you want to go you're really need watch some videos get some literature on it cuz if you have an issue you really need to know how to resolve it

    • the only reason im going to VPS is because most webhosts have a user limit. That's what's been crashing my private server. I actually am getting quite abit of players. i can't have this crash because of the web host. so i' mdoing