OGame Turkey Opened!

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    • OGame Turkey Opened!

      OGame Turkey

      OGame Turkey is a space strategy game where regular internet users can easily play. OGame Turkey is required to become a member to play the strategy game. While playing the game in space online, you can play as a multiplayer with hundreds of players at the same time. Multiple game support is possible to play over the internet.
      OGame Turkey registration phase, user name, password and e-mail information after entering the universe you want to play in the universe by selecting whether you can register. The aim of the game is to establish a life in the universe and a strategy that people can play with pleasure. It is an online game that tells the truth that the law of nature beats the weakness of the strong, and that it is right up to the point. Users who are new to begin with start from the lower level to the upper levels. First of all, you must defend the planets that you can colonize to create a powerful empire after the beginning of the game with an undeveloped planet. You can get the raw material needs and get them to work and achieve their goal by fighting or providing agreements. Will you be able to avenge the losers who declare themselves emperors in the galaxies game and submit to some troops? Or will you be on the oppressed side in the established order? You should try to make your own undeveloped planet superior to other planets. At the beginning of the game you are presented with a weaker planet than others. You have to find colonies to strengthen your own planet, and you'll guarantee your strength by protecting the colonies you find. You need financial and military supports to maintain your current position and further improve it. You have to build this infrastructure and set up the system, and you must defend yourself against the attacks. The dark matter you need is much easier to get from the Dark Matter. All you have to do is set up your planet and fight until you become the most powerful galaxy and enjoy the game.


      [Blocked Image: https://i.hizliresim.com/dvXbOL.png]