OGame Turkey Online Space Game

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    • OGame Turkey Online Space Game

      Online Space Game OGame Turkey's Tricks

      - When someone is attacking you is certain to be defeated, send your fleet and your mines to another planet for less damage, and when the war is over, you call back if you need it.
      - Bring weapons, shields, espionage, armor and computer research to the highest level.
      - Probe to attack a player 20-30 seconds (if you are making a big attack, this time may be smaller) and then recall your fleet or continue your attack.
      - While attacking the players, be careful in the ranking of your unit, if the union is strong, it may be a problem for you.
      - Don't, but don't make a mistake and send a bug or message to the wrong person.
      - Always have the Light Hunter next to the Command and Destroyer.
      - Simulate the mutalaka with SpeedSim or similar program before sending the ships.
      - Never say never.


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    • That's an interesting ad for forum that's based on 2moons. You're explaining your game to us like we have no clue what 2moons and ogame is. You should've showed us some pictures or differences instead of basic advertising.

      Never say never. 8o