Fortress System

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    • Fortress System

      This is a mod under development.

      I've heard a concept of Fortress from Xterium but never explored it, so I started to wonder what if players had a shared planet with full of bonuses

      So what does fortress system has?
      • The fortress works as a planet shared by all players, they can select, build on it, or even use fleet (limited for balance purposes)
      • Fortress activity is shared by all players through Overview or Alliance page
      • Players can invest Fortress resources to upgrade alliance bonuses (basically use officier bonuses columns for alliance and apply resource cost rather than DM)
        • Of course when players are removed from alliance, bonuses are lost, since they're stored in alliance tables
      • An alliance have its own tradition (I created 3 based on 3 playstyles - Raider, Turtle or Miner) with very unique bonus
      • Fortress bonuses affect nearby planets (total bonus for alliance members, half bonus for non-alliance members, no bonus for players at war with alliance)

      The concept is not yet finished. I am trying to explore everything that can be done with it.

      PS. This post is not to state I am creating something new (since the concept of "Fortress" was created in Xterium). I am just trying to recreate something with huge potential and I haven't seen in 2Moons.
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