OPBE battle system debris bug.

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    • OPBE battle system debris bug.

      OPBE battle system users are you noticed the debris bug ? If the defenses are participating in the battle then debris always smaller than if there is only fleet. So defenses is lowering the debris fields, also when you set in OPBE constants that debris from defenses is 0, then the soalr satelites are not counted in debris.
    • For real, I do not think this retard is even able to fix this issue and I really hope that Kaizoku will NOT fix it for him. This guy expains really everything what’s wrong in this „community“.
    • XenQen wrote:

      Yes there is a bug about the debris but i will not tell you how to fix it because you are the most retarded person in this Community.
      Yeah the most retarded persons have a game what is better in every aspect, thats why I have 100 online but you have 3 online and one of them are you! Just sit quitly and wait till someone need you loser oppinnion. Cant even imagine how embarrassed you parents are about such a dumb kid.
    • Damn man, if you would be a smart guy you would have shown us the Fix of your issue but I do not think you even know what causes it neither where it comes from because you got no knowledge or interest in fixing bugs by yourself.

      Oh and by the way if your game would be better in every aspect you wouldn’t have this issue lol
    • @XenQen you idiot read what I wrote. I never asked for help to fix, I already fixed it myself I just asked if others noticed the bug. Such a loser :D.
    • There seems to be a real war between you two. Shoudlnt it be time to drop a white flag ? I mean, its only 2moons and a game at the end... no one died