new xterium/dashboard under development

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    • new xterium/dashboard under development

      Dear users,

      In the coming weeks, the xterium template and game will receive a huge update wich was necessary for the community and game owners for wich u can find below the changelist/improvements. This list will be updated time by time. At this moment no release date is planned even if i expect to have it finished for the 1st september of this year.

      1. Game files for Xterium are recoded entirely from scratch. This meant that the files will not work or need to be adapted to be implemented in the old version.
      2. The game files have at this moment a total of 54% php code reduction and does still include all features (worked alot on php optimisations)
      3. The portal and the game files for xterium are released in 102 languages (mainly google translate).
      4. The admin.php panel is deleted from the files and a new dashboard.php is created. The new dashboard is coded with 2moons PDO and the new page structures. Old admin files uploaded here will not work, they need to be updated to the latest 2moons slq versions and page structure
      5. The dashboard is completly reviewed to make it smooth and easy to use and new usefull features have been added to the panel for an easier proccess (picture below). It is also responsive and display this time correctly on phones/tablets
      6. The new files will work on a vps or dedicated server with cPanel/Plesk to make use of the new deployment module (first xterium, later the list will be auto updated and more templates could be deployed in 1 clic - no extra action required from yourself).
      7. A new restApi is created for the login, account creation, and account exist check proccesses wich will aswell be used to be connected with the files for the mobile playstore application (*optional - a fee may apply).(ios will maybe come later)
      8. More will follow soon once i can update you with news. Take note i am doing this in my free time and that the eta could be postponned due to unwanted circumstance;

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      Good job! Thought you decided to forget 2Moons ;)
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    • Well, i am not going to restart a game, that is one thing i am sure off, but i have another idea in mind concerning 2moons cms that will come later :) but for that second part, i first need a clean and complete first part :D
    • Hi guys,

      A little update so you dont become discouraged :D. I am currently working hard on some kind of mobile version. You can have a small peak at it here below. Once finished it will be included in the default package and could be connected to an game using the new version only.

      There is alot of chance that the design will change on final release, its my first idea on 2 that i am trying

      When you are under attack to make it easy to understand - an icon will aswell be added on main screen to alert player

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    • cronos86 wrote:

      Do we have a demo address? i want to test

      thank you sir
      Thanks for your interest in the new version. Test links and public info will be given as fast as possible. At this moment it make no sense as i stil have alot to update in game since i am rewriting the code completly

      Yaro2709 wrote:

      Выглядит очень круто - Good!!!
    • 3 д exterium дал я , а вы тырите у них ))) браво умники!!! свое что то сделаете может ???? или меняться будете тыря другу у друга ? это не экстриума, а моя разработка изначальная на вавилоне AFIRE SPACE 3 д

      вот реально на чужом труде вылазите горе программисты - ты мне сможешь умник расписать как что работает ?? и объяснить как облегчить код - экстериум не сделал его еще не смотря на классного прогера у них с пол года минимум .. тормозит у них в отличие от меня ))) дабы я приписал код и структуру полностью уже .. то что вы показывает было вообще на вавилоне подход года три назад если не больше у них уже другая библиотека работает

      покажи хотя бы скрипт ошибки поправлю в три д вавилоне ))) которые ты думаю и не знаешь.. раз скопировал чисто экстериум )) да добавил своих пару плюшек
    • Not really sure what you are talking about, but if you think i take something from your site, then you are absolutly wrong. Only time i visited your site is when you cryed for help to install my xterium version... ?( ?( ?( I didnt either receive anything from you except a mod that has been deleted directly from my computer as i will never use your files...

      Anyway, stay on topic as i dont care about what you are saying if its not on topic <X <X
    • я не рпо мой сайт вы взяли базу даже не переделанную с оригинала и говорите что это экстериум вам до них далеко так же ставлю минус будете за правду ставить все заминусую так же
    • Last time i checked online, babylon was opensource and free to use. Anyway, continue your way and stop flooding my topic. as myself and people waiting on this doesnt care at all

    • вы просто берете основу экстериум.. я про ....это у вас ума не хватило бы ..пока я тут не показал что так надо работать 3 года назад еще я его использовал
    • I am very truly happy for you. Knowing that, i know that my live will be better from now on. Thanks, ill appreciate it. Now if you have something that make sense to say, you can post, otherwise go flood your own topic. Thanks