2Moons SilverToken.eu Legacy server

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    • I mean there is a Banner on the index page which shows “Free Love Network”. I’m not sure what’s the point and what you tryna advertise but this is also the very basic version with no changes at all, every 10 year old child can “set” this up lol
    • It is a purist legacy server as set up and designed by Jan Kröpke.

      The problem with the www today is that it is unnecessarily complicated with too many vested interests trying to complicate it further. Too much code changes trying to reinvent the wheel. trying to fix things that aren't broken.

      So, if it's good enough for a 10 year old to set up all well and good!

      The counter culture is alive and well.

      The banner you refer to is a banner exchange. Something which a multinational like Google resents because they like to corner the www with adsense.

      All welcomed that believ in the KISS principle - keep it simple stupid!