Galactic Milieu, continued

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    • Galactic Milieu, continued

      We'd really like to know whether it really works, beyond just sitting around peacefully not even spying on one-another. :)

      Next step is, maybe some expert O-game-clone players might be interested in getting into the "real" Galactic Milieu when colonisation of the "real" outer-outer galaxies begins.

      A number of Corps (cororations, companies, player-accounts) in the merely-outer galaxies (XNova Redesigned), including Admin, GMC and GRF, have already built level one Stargates; we were helped by the fact that XNova Redesigned came with a "bonus" for players of one moon and three months of a leader. (Though I suspect for the most part leaders probably do not work there either.)

      One of the things that needs to be decided is how Stargates capable of moving things from server to server are going to work, both in terms of what level of Stargate you need to get to which other server and whether we can get the process of moving things from server to server automated. Heck if automated then also maybe a sheer distance of flight could also be implemented allowing far enough distance to get one to another server, depending on how far a gravitic ship turns out to be to fly carrying almost entirely just fuel.

      Which reminds me, does anyone know whether the speed of gravitic ships can be increased? Increasing one's level of gravitics itself doesn't seem to do it, maybe the drive type it also has though might?

      In case you are wondering why a peaceful bunch of galaxies uses deathstar type ships, it is because gravitic ships use way the heck less DEUterium to fly large distances, so shipping DEU terium to depots is much cheaper using such ships.

      Well you might have noticed this is a long post, even I have noticed that now! So I'll just post this much for now... :) OOPS too long, had to break it in half...