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    • SteemNova 2

      SteemNova 2 is the successor to the popular game SteemNova (Classic), a game based on the 2Moons / SteemNova engine. Our goal is to create a game and connect it with the world cryptovalute. So by playing our version of the game (which is fully FLOSS) you can earn money. These are not large amounts, but our goal is to create a whole economic system around the project.

      The game is completely free.

      What distinguishes us on the Ogame clones is:
      - We are an Open Source project. 2Moons is a big project, but unfortunately it has some bugs. Many projects patch up some bugs, but they never put their patches on the web, so instead of having better and better projects, we don't have them at all. They can choose either a well-functioning Ogame or engines that have problems with functionality.
      - Of course, an Open Source project is not only about fixing bugs (which are important), but also about updating components. SteemNova is probably the only engine that supports PHP7.3 (we are trying to add support for PHP7.4). Why is it important? For example in PHP7.2 there was a bug that allowed you to take over the server if you are using Nginx.
      - We don't want to create the perfect Ogame clone. Sure, we want the mechanics to be well mapped (like the battle engine we have), but we also want to introduce our own things that won't disturb the algorithms, but make the gameplay more interesting. We want to introduce a permanent system of events that can help us - but also harm us. But we are also working on a design that will be adapted (if possible) to touch screens
      - Of course, we want to develop 2moons / SteemNova. Players make it possible, because they will often catch mistakes that we don't notice ;) So if you don't play, we won't be able to fix them!

      Any questions? :)
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